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Thursday, May 28, 2009

25 Little Things You (Probably) Don't Know About Me

1. My true last name is Djohan, right after Superwan, named after my grandpa.

2. I'm a big fan of the TV show Friends and I memorize most of their dialogues, know their trivias, and watch the episodes too often.

3. When I was a kid, I wanted to wear glasses so badly that I watched TV very closely everytime. Eventually I got a pair of 0.25 Dioptre convex lens, and I was really happy. Now, regretfully, I feel like I was a real idiot.

4. I master only two swimming styles, the rock style : where I just drown like a rock, and the elephant style : where I try to surface by shaking my hands rapidly but drown nevertheless.

5. I can write backwards so that you need a mirror to read what I write.

6. I memorize the dance for Nsync's song POP, and Backstreet Boys's song Larger Than Life.

7. I participated in a dance contest in Taman Anggrek in 2004, to dance for the AXE commercial dance-move look-alike, but I never knew if I won or not, because I entered my cellphone number incorrectly.

8. I can't speak mandarin, don't understand, and am not really interested in learning.

9. I can fly. But only for less than ten seconds :D

10. My favourite number is 6. My favourite day as of now is Thursday. It's ironic because I used to hate this day, and I claimed that Thursday was a bad day for me and my friends.

Bite Me! :)

11. I never have a girlfriend, ever. But I have every intention to change it now. Hehe.. It's time.

12. If I were a famous celebrity, I would choose to be Rachel McAdams, or Kate Bosworth, or Scarlett Johansson, or Claire Danes.

13. I'm a man whose name when you google it, google will ask you back : Did you mean Bambang Superman?

14. I have used these nicknames many times before : bsb_boys, el_leaved, el_pianist, will cleafant, messy marvin, iamwhoeveryouwannabe, and soliloquist.

15. I don't believe in god, but I love soliloquizing with one on my blog.

16. I am active on Twitter only because of Backstreet Boys. I find out their latest news from there.

17. I don't smoke. Never smoke. Never will smoke. Hate the smoke.

18. Once, I saw a dog shitted on the floor and then ate it. It was my dog. Ew.

19. I can become narsistic sometimes, photograph myself, talk about myself like what I'm doing now :) Hey. Narcisism is not a crime.

20. Once, I threw a big rock and it smashed someone else's window.

21. I'm a centipede phobia.

22. I really want the ability to manipulate the time and space like Hiro Nakamura. LoL.

23. I always say when I find a girl I like, I will be able to talk to her casually, but the truth is I'm as speechless as a "gagok" stutter.

24. I love Harry Potter and think that it's not only for kids. But I don't like Twilight and I think it's only for girls.

25. I need to pee right now. Hahahaha.

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