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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Backstreet's Back, AGAIN!

If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhea... does that mean that one enjoys it?
UPDATE : I've listened to their songs.. all of them are great, different but still the boys! My order of the songs from the greatest to the least : Fallen Angel, She's a Dream, Bigger, Masquerade, and International.

I also took down the links for download. I just found out that Backstreet Boys didn't leak the songs intentionally, so they are upset about this. As a fan, I won't repost those links. Backstreet Boys needs to come back strong!

I've just found out about this. And I think it made my day! For you who knows me, you must know that I'm the biggest fan of Backstreet Boys in Tembung! Lolz... I would have said in North Sumatra, but I didn't even go to their concert last year! Though I was wishing I could have gone so bad... but well.. it's all in the past.

Backstreet Boys is in the process of finishing their latest untitled seventh album, and it sounds that this album will be very different from the previous ones (I'm talking about the not-so-successful Never Gone and Unbreakable). They insert more RnB style, less ballad, and they cooperate with many artists like NeYo, Akon, JC Chasez, and more... and they bring back the greatest composer ever, my favourite song writer named Max Martin...

The point is, I think this new album will be terrific and it will be the comeback of the Backstreet Boys. Plus, new album means new world tour. I hope they come back to this so-called "country" Indonesia... perhaps even perform in Mikie Holiday.

Ok, this is from Wikipedia :

7th Studio Album (2009-present)

The group has started to work on a new as of yet untitled album due for release in 2009 and are confirmed to be working with Max Martin, OneRepublic singer Ryan Tedder, and Hip-Hop singer T-Pain. Lil' Wayne, RedOne, Ne-Yo, Brian Kennedy, Andre Merritt, Pitbull, Claude Kelly, Akon, JC Chasez, Jim Jonsin Eddie Galan of Mach 1 Music, Nasri, and many others have confirmed collaborations on the new album.

According To KBS Radio The Backstreet Boys have recorded 18 songs for their new album.

You can download five leaked tracks from this new album by clicking these links :

(links have been removed... hehe... sorry :D)

The five tracks are :

1. Fallen Angel
. Bigger

. Masquerade

. She's a Dream

. International

I'm supposed to download this right here right now, but it's too bad that I'm currently in Neverland and it's impossible to download anything bigger than 1 MB here.. Sucks! But I'll save these links and I'll download them first thing later!

Video of the boys before the last show on the Unbreakable Tour :

Thank you Backstreet Boys, for never giving up and keep on existing! You are indeed the best group ever!

"As long as there'll be music we'll be coming back again!" - AJ McLean from the song "Everybody"

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