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Friday, April 24, 2009

Missing Kratos (not romantically, no ^^), and Missing Her (yes, romantically, yes ^^)

If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

It's been a while since the last time I played playstation 2. My brother, he took it away to his office and hence I never have any chance to play again. Hehe... My favourite game in PS 2 is and has always been God of War. It is such a great game. I've played and finished the first and second game, respectively God of War and God of War II.

Recently, my friend Riwan asked me a lot of about the game's puzzles. He is playing God Of War II almost everynight and sometimes when he's stuck in the middle of a puzzle, he seeks me for help.m I gladly help him, and at the same time, I miss this game. He asked me to go to his house later tonight, he has some questions for me regarding this game. I will happily come. But now, as I read about the third and final installment of God of War, I began to feel really excited about it.

I went to wikipedia for more info, and youtube to watch the trailers directly. Safe to say, it has excited me even more now... like seeing Kratos' new weapon... Helio's Head... if I'm not mistaken. Hahaha.. You see the trailer for yourselves then... :

Too bad it's in Playstation 3 only. I still don't have that. Hahaha.. But I think I will get that at some point. No way in hell I will miss this wonderful game. Hohohoho...

On a lighter subject (lighter? ^^), I also miss a girl terribly. I want to meet her again so badly that my stomach hurts. I know we have a plan to meet two weeks later, but is it so selfish to meet sooner? I already can't wait... can't wait to see her beautiful face again... ah.. the prettiest... can't wait to talk to her again... and most of all, can't wait to tell her that I like her.

I know.. but the anticipation is killing me. I really need to get it over with. I don't need all this second thinkings which may somehow cloud my head and fill it with hesitation and doubt.

Ah.. but I guess all I can do it to wait. Wait Wait Wait! Something can happen. We never know :D


  1. hihi wa da main god of war di psp nike lohhh.. =P

  2. oh ya.. wa justru belum main yang versi psp.. hahaha.. yang di ps lebih asik lo.. (mungkin karena gambarnya lebih gede) wakaka... btw wa gak nyangka lu ada main game gini huahaha

    masih sibuk kerja u? jangan komplain aja lah... kasihan kan blog u jadi medium buat komplain :p

    post kek foto2 di danau toba hari itu :p