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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Supernatural and el_R34lL

Lately, I'm totally addicted to the TV Show Supernatural. It surprised me, since I have never a fan of ghost stories.. but I think this TV show promises something more. It has good plot twists, crude humour, and a fast pace which I always like in a show. And here goes... it adds again to my long list of great TV Series I've watched.

I'm still in season 1, but I think it's only a matter of little time until I watch all the 4 seasons. Hehehe...

In another topic, totally unrelated, but definitely worth mentioning, my best friend came back to town. I'm so happy to meet Erick again after two years, that was the last time he came back. That dude never changes. :D


He's here in Medan for at least two weeks, and I've already started adventuring this town with him again... Hehehe...

Something new I tried... Delicious :D

Just yesterday we went to D-Loft, he went there for the first time in his life. Two years since he saw Medan, many thing have changed.

It's only me.

That's called the inevitable vicissitude.

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