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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Solar Eclipse on Chinese New Year 2009 - or NOT

You know, it’s not an everyday thing you can just post a title like this on your blog. So as cheesy as it may sound, deal with it, because that’s what is about to happen, or at least what NASA told people few months ago. The last solar eclipse in Indonesia happened about 10 years ago, and I didn’t even know about it then, let alone seeing it. So if this thing is to go down tomorrow, I really wanna check it out, like I said, it’s not everyday you can experience a solar eclipse right on Chinese New Year.

If the data delivered by the NASA is correct, then the natural phenomenon will occur tomorrow, on Monday, at about 1306 hours until 1600 hours West Indonesia Time. It is said that the annular solar eclipse will cover most of Indian Ocean, the West of Indonesia, until Mindanau in Philiphine.

I guess it means Singaporeans and Malaysians will be able to witness it also, though perhaps not fully... not the ring effect, but the sun will be half-covered by the freaking moon.

I would like to see it with my own eyes, but you know... it would be the last thing I see. Oh... I’ve been so hyperbolistic. I guess I can see it, I just don’t have the tools. I want to buy one, though... not sure where to.

Anyway, if it happens tomorrow, it'll be a brand new exciting way to start a New Year, that’s all I say.

UPDATE (Jan 27, 2009) :

I saw nothing yesterday, nada, nilch, nothing covering the sun. At first I thought NASA got the wrong information. But later I found out that I hadn't got the most accurate information yet. It turned out the eclipse didn't pass Northern Sumatra as I'd expected. You can see the path below :

As you can see the main path was through Borneo, west Java and Southern Sumatra.

If you're still unclear of the path, let me put it in animation below...
See that tiny circle..? That's your friggin' moon.

So I didn't experience the eclipse directly by myself, but at least I wasn't wrong about it happening on the Chinese New Year. And I can watch the live video of it through You Tube. No Biggie! The technology rocks, I didn't miss a thing! :P

Happy Chinese New Year 2560! Gong Xi Fat Choi!

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