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Friday, May 30, 2008

What is up, Today


Really, Nothing is up today. I don't have anything much to do ...
except to ...

1. Read Naruto until Chapter 402. Finally it's over with! I've been reading it for the last week from chapter 285. It's a loooong journey. Great one too, you know... if you leave out Asuma and Jiraiya's deaths...

2. Update my el_se7en blog. The bio section is eventually written and published. It's incomplete, though. But I'm quite happy about that.

3. Not go to gym. Ouch.. What has gotten to me lately? I'm being so lazy to exercise. I think I should discipline myself more.

4. Finished Gossip Girl til the last episode. Like what I've been telling people, the episode 18 (finale) isn't as good as the 17. It's less shocking, less interesting, less problems, no good and no intense cliffhanger whatsoever. So much for the finale. But the previous episodes were really damn great!

5. Want to buy the Chickenized Fried Rice I've been placing my eyes on for the last couple of days. I think I'm going to buy that now and finally have my dinner. Ooh.. I'm so starving. Gotta go! :P


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