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Thursday, May 08, 2008

So.... [Hey, don't judge me! I Ran Out of Titles, OK?]


About last Sunday, Hm... it's a letdown, after all. I knew I shouldn't get my hopes up. But that day turned out to be one of my friends's birthday. I didn't even know. We didn't even know. It was a surprise, I think.

Anyway, I met her during the dinner party, but she and I talked not very much. I saw her talking to a guy older than me. They seemed to know each other very well, so I could only assumed they had known each other for a long time.

I didn't get the mesmerized feeling when I was with her. But I was excited to meet her again. She wasn't as pretty as I remember, but she's still a knockout.

Anyway, days passed and I learned some new stuffs about her. She might have had a boyfriend since a while ago. Damn, that sucks!

But I've come to realize that probably the special connection between us was no more than usual ordinary excitement out of our things in common. But I'd like to keep befriending her if some time later, some things may happen.

Who knows, right?

This week, I hope to meet her and the gang again, I am planning to ask them all to The Secret, the new Lounge in Prisai Plaza. I really am looking forward to it. Who said my life had no hope left?

But today was not a very great day. I woke up this morning (really early) only to find my Flat-tired Smashie. I really resented things like this. My bike had punctured three times over these past two weeks. Sucks. Not a great way to start a day.

And before, my cell phone seemed to be experiencing some kind of serious error. I couldn't send any text messages. I am so bummed by this, I hope I can fix it later. But now, I have no time.

Novi is on her way to meet me now. I am going to Medan Mall with her to buy some stuffs, including my new fitness bag, and then we will have some dinner together. Oh yeah, haven't I said that I want to go back to the gym? Hehe.. I think it's about time.

And last night, I went to see Iron Man (Finally!) with Riwan, Michael, and supposed-to-be Willy. It was a really awesome movie that I think parodizing it in this blog would be really appropriate. Hah, you'll see.

Here's the previews from Iron Man, which sequel I am really excited in.

Okay, the last one isn't really from the movie... :P (DUH, you think?)


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