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Monday, July 02, 2007

What I Saw


Not much has happened. Everything in "What I Did" is still everything I've done so far, ah, except watching Die Hard 4.0 at Saturday Midnight. Well.. one hell of a movie there. I wanted to write the review, but I am quite lazy today.. hehe..
Btw, here are some pictures that were supposed to be in What I Did entry, but since I hadn't had time before, well.. it's better too late than never, ain't it?

Below is my genius pal Riki Lidian. He's been quite different than I thought, but yet I saw him absolutely the same. Not so clear huh, something to think about.

Hm, below are Michael and Riwan from left to right.

That's Cia Cia and Michael the night we watched Shrek 3.

And these are the pictures from my gym I hadn't been able to take before. I took these at night, when all of them had gone home or taken showers.

This picture isn't so good. It's because the room was dark.

Those treadmills looked cool. Well, not cool cool. They are tiringly cool.

Below is what they call "The Crazy Exerciser". I kinda like it. It vibrates our fat and makes me feel like my short is going to loose.

Below is my favorite tool. Haha.. the left one, folks. I called it "Tummy Dance". LOL

The lockers are tidy. That's all.

Here's where I played pingpong so often.

Here's the patio, balcony, or whatever you wanna call it. I call it "The Windy Fortress".

This picture was taken from a distance with Nokia 6600 camera. So pardon me for the vagueness. But screw it, I can't read mandarin after all.

The building... La la la..

Oh yeah.. this is my new golden shoes. Lol. I like it simple.

Good bye...

1 comment:

  1. A lot of pictures jel! Nice =) ANd the golden shoes, omg, it is not gold afterall. wakaka.

    I watched the transformer today, very nice. I will write and post something about it on my blog today. but guess, you wont be onlining today.