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Monday, July 16, 2007

The Deathly Anticipation [PART ONE]

Chapter One
The Dark Lord Ascending

The two men appeared out of nowhere, a few yards apart in the narrow, moonlit lane. For a second they stood quite still, wands pointing at each other's chests: then, recognising each other, they stowed their wands beneath their cloaks and set off, side by side, in the same direction.

"News?", asked the taller of the two.

"The best," replied Snape.

The Deathly Hallows : a sneak preview. In a trailer for the forthcoming ITV documentary, A Year in the Life... J K Rowling, the camera lingers long enough on a printed manuscript of the novel, dated 23 October 2006, to make the opening visible to the eagle eyed. And what you have just read, is the FIRST CHAPTER of HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, for crying out loud! Millions and Millions of people around the globe [including me], wonder and wonder...



Four days left, that means 99 hours 40 minutes and 38 seconds left! That means.... (calculating roughly, counting fingers, eyes blurred) ... What the Hell! ARGGH... I've never felt this crazy before, wanting something so badly... the excitement is flooding beneath my veins. Harry Potter has been my life. And so reading book 7, the finale end, is like the end of an era. It's so bittersweet that I can't describe how it'll feel when I clutch my hand on one of the books. Maybe I'll just wet out of multiple orgasms, maybe I'll just be petrified there forever, standing with the book looking at me, unable to move and breathe... standing still in Gramedia Book Store there for years before I die starving, or perhaps I'll just have a heart attack the minute I try to open the first page... I don't know.. I think something big is going to happen... maybe an asteroid will hit Medan and burn me alive before I get my hands on that book... Hahaha...

Today, as I read that i-think-it's-a-spoiler-(no-I-do-not) spoiler, it said it's the first paragraph of the book, I didn't know how to think. It could be real, it could be a hoax. Personally, I hope it's fake. But even if it's real, it still didn't give away too much information. Instead, it's just make it more interesting... (inhaling a deep breath).

My craziness hasn't gone up to the top yet. I think it's getting worse each day. I am very aware that the whole world is planning on celebrating this most famous and most anticipated phenomenon... The haze of excitement is everywhere....

Harry Potter excitement

Articles after articles about Harry Potter's finale journey flashes before my eyes. The rumours, the spoilers, the news, the interviews, the foreshadowing clues by JK Rowling, the midnight queue, the Potter Parties, the excellent theories, the awesome predictions, the facts, and the time.... the date... July 21th. The world will never be the same.

I read about the high level of security put to guard the Harry Potter books before they reached retailers and risk a large number of leaks. It was awesome.

LONDON : A £10 million security operation featuring an army of guards, satellite tracking systems and draconian legal contracts has swung into action to prevent any leak of details of the seventh and final book about the tales of boy wizard Harry Potter. As millions around the world eagerly await the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on Saturday midnight, only its author J K Rowling and some 20 other people, including the book’s editors and illustrators know Harry’s fate. When the finished manuscript was taken by hand from London to New York, the lawyer for the American publisher, Scholastic, sat on it during the flight. With each successive Potter book, security has grown. Nothing has come close, however, to the arrangements for the finale, the Sunday Telegraph observed on Sunday. London-based Bloomsbury,which publishes the Potter books in Britain, has hired secure sites across the country to house the book prior to distribution early this week. Several dozen security teams will protect the sites round the clock. Experts say security staff will earn up to £30 an hour with a guard dog, up to £20 without. Print factory workers in Britain have been threatened with the sack if they leak any details,while German publishers banned mobiles and even packed lunches in the printing plant. Some employees reportedly had to work in near-darkness to prevent them reading the book. It is from Tuesday, however, when copies begin to be sent out to retailers, that the most crucial part of the security operation will come into effect. The trucks Bloomsbury will use are fitted with satellite tracking systems costing up to £1,000 pounds,which will reveal whether any of the vehicles deviate from their intended route. The books are on sealed pallets fitted with alarms to prevent tampering. At one of the world’s biggest booksellers, Barnes and Noble in America, the books are being kept in padlocked trucks at the insistence of Scholastic. Amazon, the online retailer...
I don't know what exactly I should say. "Wow" is definitely in order.

Harry in numbers

5 seconds between each pre-order on Amazon website - 1.8 million in total.

279 branches of the book chain Waterstone's holding launch parties at the stroke of midnight on Saturday.

2,000 people expected in the queue at Waterstone's on Piccadilly, London.

24 hours and 1 minute: running time for the audio edition.

90 countries in which the book is being published.

63 is the number of languages these series has been translated into.

7/4 odds from Ladbrokes on Harry Potter committing suicide at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.


Mugglenet held a competition for their fans, that is to say, Harry Potter's fans around the world to predict what will happen in Book 7. So they gave us all these questions plot-related to Deathly Hallows and ask us for the predictions. I, of course, have participated. Wanna see the questions and my answers? Here you go. I answered the red ones.

Ron Weasley will...

Hermione Granger will...

Severus Snape will...

Lord Voldemort will...

Remus Lupin will...

Ginny Weasley will...

Molly Weasley will...

Arthur Weasley will...

Nymphadora Tonks will...

Luna Lovegood will...

Neville Longbottom will...

Minerva McGonagall will...

Peter Pettigrew will...

Bellatrix Lestrange will...

Draco Malfoy will...

Rubeus Hagrid will...

Fred Weasley will...

George Weasley will...

Charlie Weasley will...

Fleur Delacour will...

Harry Potter will...

Is RAB Regulus Black?

Is RAB alive?

Did RAB destroy the locket Horcrux?

Is Harry a Horcrux?

Will Harry and Ginny end up together?

Will Harry and Hermione end up together?

Will Ron and Hermione end up together?

Will Draco and Hermione end up together?

Snape loyalties lie with:

Will Draco Malfoy redeem himself?

Will Percy Weasley redeem himself?

Will Hogwarts re-open?

Assuming Hogwarts does re-open, will Harry return?

Assuming Harry does return, will he graduate?

Is Dumbledore really dead?

Assuming Dumbledore is dead, did he plan his death?

Is Sirius Black dead?
(Big No From me, hehe)

Will any of Luna's conspiracy theories be found to be true? (If yes, please include which ones at the end)

Is/was Snape in love with Lily Potter?

Will Wormtail repay his life debt to Harry?

Was Wormtail present at Godric's Hollow the night Voldemort killed Harry's parents?

Who will be the squib/muggle who uses magic later in life?

Is Harry the heir of Slytherin?

Will Dumbledore's Army re-form?

Will the Muggles ever discover the wizarding world?

Will we ever see the other side of the veil?

Will Neville be the student who gets a job as a Hogwarts professor after graduation, teaching herbology?

Will Hermione be Head Girl?

Will Ron be Head Boy?

Will Harry be Head Boy?

Will we see time travel in Book 7?

Did Voldemort ever fulfill his wish to make Horcruxes out of objects belonging to each Hogwarts' four founders?

Is Ollivander working for Voldemort?

Will Harry's scar disappear?

Does Voldemort have multiple spies in the Order?

Was the green potion Dumbledore drank in the cave the Draught of the Living Death?

Will Dumbledore's defeat of the dark wizard Grindlewald in 1945 be relevant?

Will Hagrid rekindle his romance with Madam Maxime?

Will Harry go through the veil?

Is the veil the gateway to the underworld?

Will we see the Mirror of Erised again?

Will McGonagall lead the Order of the Phoenix?

Will Voldemort ever realize his undying love for the giant squid?

Who will win the final battle?

In 500 words or less, describe what will happen in Deathly Hallows?

Harry will find out a lot about his parent's pasts and clues about Voldemort's horcruxes and RAB when he's in Godric's Hollows. Then the trio will search them, and somehow they have to enter the locked room in DoM, and Harry must go beyond the veil, letting his friends thought he'd died. Harry will return with new greater power with help from Sirius who isn't really dead, just trapped. He comes back and find the world has changed much, people have died, and he'll then destroy Voldemort once and for all.
This blue-written prediction above was written by me myself. That is my own theories about what will happen to the story. Harry will live and Voldemort will fall. Sirius will return and Snape will show his true color, a hero.

Remember what I said about Harry Potter enthusiasm? These two news popped out on Mugglenet while I was writing this...

Beware of spoilers
Beware of spoilers (but not on MuggleNet) Now that we're just five days from the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, plot spoilers that actually look legitimate are starting to leak online. For some people, it's been a ten-year wait for Book 7, and that could be so easily destroyed if we find out what will happen too early.

Amazon 'Deathly Hallows' pre-orders reach 2 million
Amazon 'Deathly Hallows' pre-orders reach 2 million It has been announced that more than two million pre-orders for the final Harry Potter book have been made on Amazon, and that number is growing rapidly. Furthermore, other booksellers have also revealed large pre-orders. These vast pre-order figures far eclipse those of the previous books, indicating that this tome will be by far the biggest-selling in the series.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, will be released at 00.01 a.m. on 21th July 2007.

Oh shit! Continued to PART TWO, where I'll show you the excitement from the inside, my house, my Harry Potter collections, and what I will do (what have been prepared so meticulously) when the book comes out.

Don't die, Harry.

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