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Friday, July 06, 2007

Building a commitment, sticking to a plan

is not as easy as it sounds. No matter what commitment you want to make, every now and then, you’ll be tempted to try and find a way to break it.

For example, when you’re romantically involved with a girl and you both have sworn and said your love, is it easy to keep you heart just for one person? Have you ever thought of crossing your promise and thought of somebody else, like “Wow, She’s so sexy.” And when you’re giving up to the temptation, you go and ask somebody else out, kiss her, or else. You’re cheating.

Well, even though I don’t have a girl friend right now, I always thought me as a person who will always be faithful to my girl friend. Of course I can’t prove it until I do have one. But it’s not just some random meaningless promise or just some babblings about what is right. I mean, I can be a committed person. I can keep my promise and NOT having an affair. But just one thing, in order for me to do that, I must be sure that she is someone who’s very right for me. She’s the one, you know. That’s it. Soul mate. And that’s when I settle down. Oh, how good it must be…

On another story—but quite related to this topic, I have been told that making a going-to-the-gym-habit is not easy. For people who never go to gym before, they usually need about 100 days to be used to exercise regularly everyday, and so they’ll be committed to that. They don’t need a good reason no more. It’s just… what you do.

I believe I haven’t been used to exercise that way, but I diligently attend there whenever I have time. Although my body hurts like hell, it’s raining, or I’m feeling too tired, I’ll still go there and exercise at least for two hours a day. What reason could it be for me? Well, I always want something new to do, to experience something I wouldn’t want to do a year ago. Other than that, I know that my job is making me hard to meet some new people. And I see that I can meet a bunch of new friends here. And these two reasons motivated me strongly.

Today, I found a new reason, a better one. See, I met this new girl in there. I’ve seen her several times before but we haven’t got chance to talk. But these last few days have been unique. And today, I officially know her. She’s gorgeous, and hell, she’s stunningly beautiful. It surely made my day. And more, it made me want to go to gym everyday. New motivation, huh?

See? Sometimes it’s not hard to be committed to something. When you least expect it, something appears in the corner, something good and guarantee you to stick to your commitment. You just have to know how to seize it.

Good night.

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