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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ordered For the Phoenix

After a long time waiting... After a long moment of wondering... After a very long excitement trapped inside of me, it has finally come to a climax, the big premiere of one of the biggest events this year, and the beginning of the END OF HARRY POTTER.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, premiered yesterday, at July 11th 2007.

And this, is the review. Not a review, but the detailed review by one of the biggest fans, "ehm ehm" [impersonating the toadlike Umbridge], ---me.

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT for people who haven't seen it yet!!!

Seconds before the movie started, I was already goosebumps-ed, and when the Warner Bros. WB logo appeared followed by a rather slow Hedwig's Theme music, and then when the title emerged, I swore I had a heart attack, overexcited, and may have died.

The movie began with a cool camera-view of Privet Drive and we saw Harry sitting in a park, and then Dudley arrived and started mocking Harry, talking about "scared of pillows, 'dun-kill-Cedric-who's-Cedric-your-boyfriend' shit, and then he was talking --out of nowhere-- about Harry's mum, and then the next thing we knew was the sky turned grey and the Dementors showed up. I mean, WTH?! It was all so fast. So I tried to keep up, though I didn't have any trouble doing that, given I've already memorized the whole book and plot anyway, but I pitied people who haven't. They wouldn't know what's going on. Where's Mundungus Fletcher?

Yes, there's a lot of sub-plots that have been left off, unmentioned and purely abandoned. We didn't see the stag clearly, We didn't see the Dursley were furious about what had happened to their son, We didn't see the peck of owls and we couldn't really tell how bad Harry was feeling when he found out he was expelled.

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The Department of Mysteries scene

Out of the blue, the advance guard had arrived, but WHERE WAS LUPIN? WHERE"S MY LUPIN? WHY DIDN'T HE COME? I spent a lot of times wondering in the cinema... Tonks' Metamorphmagus wasn't explained and Harry didn't Disillusioned while flying.

The scene when Grimmauld Place appeared out of the thin air was quite interesting though. As Harry entered the building, I was hoping that Sirius's first appearance was memorable, like in the book, but it wasn't at all. In fact, despite how cool slash cheesy their hugging scene was, I'dve liked the yelling-at-the-portrait scene better. Too bad it's not included.

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The Prophecy Hall Scene

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The Ministry of Magic

The scene when Harry was supposed to be yelling at Ron and Hermione was also cut short by Fred and George's intrusion. The Crookshanks eating the Extendable Ears was hillarious. There was no cleaning the house - fighting the Doxys scene. Kreacher was only showed as if he's a crazy servant, just that. It seemed clear that they included Kreacher only because JK Rowling had said he'd play a significant part in book 7.

We didn't meet Luna Lovegood on the train, we met her on the Thestrals' carriage. One of the best thing in this film is Luna Lovegood and how good she portrayed her role. No wonder JK Rowling said she was perfect. I really like her, and she brought my imagination on Luna perfectly in to life.

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Lucius Malfoy

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Luna Lovegood

The odd thing though, it's not Hagrid who explained to Harry about the Thestrals. Luna did it. It's kind of absurd since Luna's only a year younger than Harry. Where the hell did she get all these knowledge about thestrals?

Speaking of absurd things, there were lots of them. It has seemed that David Yates changed alot. It's not the same as let off stuffs. He changed them and that made me very uneasy. These are several significant things they changed :

1. It's Cho Chang who betrayed the DA, not Marietta! WTF! Cho would never do that! But then we learned that Umbridge used Veritaserum against her. Well, I still was furious.

2. It's Dobby who told Harry about the Room of Requirement, not Neville!

3. Dumbledore should have arrived inside the Department of Mysteries, not bursting out of the fire in the Atrium.

4. It's Moody who showed Harry the original Order of the Phoenix photograph, not Sirius.

5. Harry's occlumency lesson wasn't supposed to be held right after Mr Weasley got attacked.

6. Harry wasn't supposed to see Snape's worst memory from his head directly.

7. The propechy wasn't supposed to "ring" when harry touched it.

8. And the one which made me extremely furious is that Sirius was hit with Avada Kedavra curse in the movie. IT WAS HELL NOT! He was hit by an unknown color hex! IT WAS NOT CERTAIN THAT IT'S THE AVADA! SIRIUS IS NOT DEAD!!!! I REFUSE TO BELIEVE!!!! Hahaha.. that scene did make me very angry! I saw it as an attempt to convince me that Sirius was indeed dead, which I doubted. NO!!!!!!!!!!!

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There are many many many many many scene got cut out from the book. I guess I have expected this to happen, but still I was very annoyed. These were a few of them, as far as I can remember.

1. There was no Mundungus, no prefect badges, no Mrs Weasley's boggarts, no Doxys.
2. No Christmast in the close ward scene. No Lockhart and Neville's parents scene. Not even St Mungo's.
3. No Quiddicth match. No flashback about Hagrid's tale.
4. No Hagrid and McGonagall getting sacked scene.
5. No Snape and Sirius almost-duel-in-the-Grimmauld-kitchen scene. I wouldve love that.
6. No Weasley's big chaos and surely no Peeves at all.
7. No Brain scene, in DoM. I wouldve loved that "Accio Brain!" line so much!
8. No scene with shield and gong during Voldemort and Dumbledore's duel.
9. No checking out Sirius Black before rushing to DoM.
10. No LILY POTTER! I HATE that.
11. No Ministry's Fountain Statue come into life part. I was waiting resultlessly.
12. No Neville being Crucio'ed scene.

About the acting, all of them pretty much great. Harry's was spectacular. Luna's far than Great. She was amazingly brilliant. Ron's was OK. Hermione's was starting to become dreadful. Michael Gambon's Dumbledore was hopeless. There was improvements in his acting, but it was still lame... I wonder why.. hm... why huh.... em.. i don't know... maybe because.... HE'S NOT EVEN READ THE BOOK! He couldn't portray Dumbledore as how he supposed to be. Calm, Wisdomful, Funny, and Intelligent. Instead, Gambon made him comical, strict, hateful, and IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT!!!

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Moody and Tonks

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"Harry is possessed" scene. Great scene!

What I've been waiting for is the VEIL Scene. I was thunderously amazed by the actual Veil description. All this time I couldn't picture it in my head, but now... the VEIL is so damn great. When Sirius fell through the veil, Harry's sorrow and yellings should have lasted longer. I was sad, but it was so short. The whole movie was so JUMPY. But the movie is one of the best, because it concentrated on the characters' emotions, especially Harry. I could see the other character has grown too, Neville and Arthur for example. Both Umbridge and Bellatrix were great. It's a 9 out of 10. I know I've critized a lot, but I have high expectations when it comes to Harry Potter movies.

You MUST watch it! It's good. I wish to watch it again. Hahaha...

PS : OH SHIT! Only one week before Deathly Hallows. My life is worthless after Harry Potter ends. Hahaha...

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  1. I wan to watch...................................... hahaha. I miss you, where r you recently? Kidnapped by E.T?