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Friday, November 30, 2007

Tough Week

I found a list on the street, after reading it, I knew I would have to post this. What was that list about? Here it is.

Things YOU did this week.

1. Bought Ghost Whisperer Season One, funnily not for yourself but eventually was.
2. Experienced sore muscle on your left upper arm.
3. Published your complete story (Hidup/Mati) and be proud about it.
4. Received warm-happy comments about your story and be happy about it.
5. Almost had a motorcycle accident at night.
6. Had the real accident the morning after, ran over a kid, lost a lot of money cause of it.
7. The injuries from your last accident were swollen.
8. Get depressed for having a grim life and future.
9. Met an old friend in an unexpected time, didn't feel too good about that.
10. Taught some wrong stuffs to some of the students. Bad stuffs. And be happy about it.
11. Still hadn't got a haircut.
12. Got wet from all the rain.
13. Had a severe constant stomach ache.
14. Found out that HEROES season 2 had been cut off to eleven episodes just because of the writers' strike.
15. Found a list.
16. Post it on your blog.

All of those above really did happened.
Every single one of it.

Now you can see I'm having a tough week.
Now you see why I haven't posted anything.
Now you see how "perfect" my life is.

Don't just read, write something!


  1. Everyone's life is imperfect in a different way. No one has a life as perfect as that in a movie.

    But things are the way they are. Haha..gotta know when you need to relax.


  2. Riki, I never wished for a life that is as perfect as one in a movie. I just "wished" for a life that is less imperfect... though recently I've come to realize that the "wishing" thing was useless without action.

    Jacq, I am always depressed. Isn't that why you married me? Hahaha... (yeah, married me, got me pregnant and all knocked up, and then just fled to Sg...)

    Thx for the comments... just a little stunned as to why you didn't ask me about the accident I had. Was it because I could still walk and talk?

  3. hahaha~ because you have too many accidents.. so how r you? =x