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Friday, March 28, 2008

Precarious Thoughts

You know?

My spirit, my passion, and my cheerfulness is formed like a big round pie inside my body.

It is being eaten by loneliness, slowly but sure.

Now, all that has left are hollow pieces I'm desperately trying to rebuild.

You know?

It's not that I am a bad person for not believing in God.

How can you believe that there's a God out there...

- when your life is such a mess like this, and you're living it?

- when you're sick and still have to work on a very hot day where the sun is like flaying your skin?

- when your mother and father don't love each other, keep fighting over some silly things and may be getting divorce any time now?

- when you can't get all the things you want, no matter how much you deserve them?

- when everybody else gets everything I want while they don't even want them. They don't deserve them.

- when there is justice no more?

- when you're living like you're in hell?

Just tell me...

Cause I know.

There is no such thing as GOD!


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