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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Someone's Anatomy [Just Watching]

I was doing fine, thank you for asking. Sorry for speaking in past tense, but I really was doing just fine today until I found out about something. What? What something? They ask mysteriously. No... no... it's not something like O-May-Gut-She-has-already- had-a-BOYFRIEND something. No, no. It's not that life-changing something, well except if you're a big Harry Potter fan to find out that your oldest Idol in the wizarding world is gay. Yeah. Dumbledore was freaking in love with Grindelwald, and he was gay. HE WAS GAY!. He was not Gay Gay. He was GAY. Hah!

Okay, now with calmer tone, I -- I indeed am doing OK now. Thanks to a great show that has been accompanying me until even now. It's my favorite show at this moment. Number one show. Please welcome . . .

Okay then.

I dig this show. Why? because it has all the X-Factors in every great Series I like. And I am talking as one of the faithful followers of American TV Series like Heroes, Lost, Smallville, 24, Friends, Six Feet Under, Sex and the City, the 4400, Nip/Tuck, Scrubs, Joey, Tru Calling, Desperate Housewives, Prison Break, CSI, Will and Grace, and so on...

Okay, so many competitors... but why Grey's Anatomy?

First and First.

They have Dr. Isobel Katherine Heigl Stevens a.k.a "Izzie". Okay, so I never thought that I would love a girl whose name is Izzie. But Hell. She's not just 100% hot, but she's hot hot and she's a fighter. She was living in a trailer and yet she made it to the Medical School. She's a great baker and she has warm heart. She was a lingerie model and she could kick guys' asses. Plus, she's hot hot hot. Did I mention that? Lol. I love Izzie. Izzie is my favourite character of the series.

So much I can say about this character. She was the one of the main focus character in season 2, when she fell in love with her patient, Denny Duquette (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Denny was a patient who needed a heart transplant, and when the only heart available seemed to be vanishing away, Izzie tried whatever she could to retrieve the heart... "Whatever she could" means that she had to steal the heart, and staged a fake diagnosis on Denny, that means she had to stop her fiance's heart in order to get the heart. In the most intense episodes of season 2 (which were "17 Seconds" and "Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response"), Izzie showed her best and worst, putting everything in her life and her boyfriend's life at stake.

Wonder how it went? That's why it is the greatest show.

And then there is Dr. Miranda Bailey a.k.a the Nazi.

She's the toughest, smartest, and greatest resident I've seen in the series. Dr. Bailey is the strictest person in Seattle Grace Hospital and even the attendings are scared of her. Hell, even Chief Webber can't do much. Haha.. Funny thing, last night, when I got inside Grey's Anatomy's official website and went into Bailey's page to see if there was anything about her past... I ran into these words :

"Thought you were gonna find something about me? Think again! Now get back to work!"

I laughed for several minutes. Man, she'll be damned!

My favourite line in the show regarding Bailey was :

"Bailey's back? Bailey's back!" --- Chief Webber.

And then there is this Meredith Grey, the main character of the show whose last name was used as the title, paroding the Gray's Anatomy. Meredith Grey, the main "complainer" of the series was narrating most of the episodes. She was marked as Dark and Twisted, Scary and Damaged by her boyfriends and her friends. But she always smiled even when she didn't need to. I think it's because her cheeks had some abnormal cuteness... oh yeah.. she was also sputtering words all the time in the cute way I found it rather disturbing yet addictive.

Okay, to sum up, Here's the list of why I really like the show and become a weird man posting stupid entry on his blog...

  • They have Izzie. Go Izzie! Huhu!

Again, Hu hu!

  • They use Nazi to torture these five people. And yeah.. there are these five different kinds of characters. The show is rich.

  • They have George O'Malley. Everything about George is that he's not gay in the series but gay in real life, that he's portrayed by TR Knights who happened to have a row with Isaiah Washington calling him a "faggot" which ended up with Washington getting fired.

But I love this character.

He was in love with Meredith but when he did tell her about his feelings, it led towards an unpleasant tragedy. Oh, poor George.

  • For three seasons, they had Burke in it. Oh.. the incredible Dr. Preston Burke. But his life became more sullen once he got shot, and I really think Christina was not meant to be for him. But Burke was a very great character. I would miss him when he's gone.

  • They keep saying "Seriously?" and there's something in the show to the word "Mc". I mean, since McGrey Mcmet with McDreamy, I Mcheard alot about the Mcusing of the Mcword McDreamy, McSteamy, McVet, McCutie.. I mean... seriously?

  • They have great intense episodes, like "It's the end of the world (as we know it)" which was the first episode of Grey's that I enjoy really really damn much. Well, how couldn't you when it was opened with three beautiful girls showering together, the well-put scenarios when a bomb stuck inside a person's body. I love episodes like these.

Anyway... it's not a great series if it had no influencing on my real life. And, this show... as far as I can tell... is telling me all I know about living a good life with ups and downs in it. But I can just never apply them in my real life. What's wrong with me?

I refuse to answer that question, cause at this moment... at this very moment... besides feeling starving... I just want to watch the show, again.


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