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Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Eleventh Six

If you lend someone $20, and never see that person again; it was probably worth it.
Whoa.. this morning, I never thought that it's already June Six again. Time flies like a speeding light, so fast that it seems instantaneous.

Like every year, Sixth of June has been a special day for me, ever since 1999, when I was real happy and in love. But there's a secret there too. Actually, the day before the Belia's Day, that is, June 5th, that was the actual day when really great things happened. So earlier, I asked myself what happened to me on June 5, this year.

Boxman walking...

Ok, yesterday. It was a great day I think, but not amazing though. Yesterday was all about watching Terminator Salvation at Sun Plaza. In the morning, Sugi and I went to Sun Plaza to buy the tickets first. You see, in Sun Plaza, you must buy the ticket for an evening show in the morning, otherwise, you wouldn't get any. The plan was to catch a show at seven thirty. There were six of us, so ironic, since today is the day of number six. But yeah, there were six of us, three guys and three girls. Exactly like Friends, except we're not funny, two of us aren't married to each other, none of us is Phoebe Buffay, and all of us are Joey Tribbiani. :P

Boxman searching for the fountain of love...

After purchasing the tickets, I went to Comic Garden, the usual place. Nothing exciting happened there, until six o'clock in the evening. Again, the reference of six.

Then Sugi, Hendry, Cia Cia, Ayen, Lia and I, we met at Sun Plaza. The movie itself was amazing. Awesome. Fantastic. Great. Cool. Mind-Blowing. Okay, there have been six adjectives I used to describe it. Again, Six. Hahaha.. Now I'm pushing it.

After the movie ended, Sugi and Hendry went away to do their own business. The girls and I had a dinner at AW. Then we parted ways. It's a nice night filled with happiness. So, at least the thing eleven years ago reoccured last night. As for today. I can only stay happy, because I know the road is still here, and the journey is still happening.

But whenever I talk about love, sometimes I feel like a box man. A man whose face is covered by a box, with two round dots and one triangle. When he talks, he's the only person who can hear them. I guess it's what I mean by soliloquizing.

Boxman soliloquizing...

But as dry as my love life can be, I still believe in love, even until now. The person I'm currently falling in love with, I think she already knew about my feelings. I have every intention to tell her about it, but time hasn't presented me the opportunities to meet her yet. But in time, I will have the chance, and by that time, I will tell her.

If all things happen as I hope, then there will be new Belia's Day. Because the happiest day of my life is yet to be discovered. So...

Boxman fighting for hope and love in this cruel world...

To Be Discovered. In the mean time, Happy Belia's Day to me! Hahahahaha.

My new picture. I figure today must at least have something new. :P


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