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Monday, April 28, 2008

First K2 Experience

Responding to my own words from my last entry, I am trying to live life more freely and happily as I venture in to the life I was once too reluctant to enjoy. Last night could not be better. I think after all this time of lamenting about sadness and loneliness, it's about time I changed my pace, and really enjoyed something I deserved, laughing.

I think I haven't ever laughed this hard since ... I don't know ... the midnight of 22th October 2001, or since the time Jimmy Handoko slammed himself into a mirror-wall inside the mirror house in Dufan Jakarta in 2003. I haven't had so much fun, being with new and old friends doing the things I really like.

I really like singing, and for that, I've always wanted to go to a karaoke place to sing my voice out. I never really had the chance either because of the lack of friends I had, or because of my usual friends didn't really like singing as much as I did.

But now, I feel so lucky as I have the opportunity to be with people who like what I like, and have the same taste in music as I do, though sometimes not completely the same, but that's no problem at all.

So last night me and one of my oldest friend, Riwan, who had been a friend of mine since Elementary freaking School, we planned to see a circus in Griya. The Circus was from Taman Safari, Jakarta, and they're in town for a couple of weeks. I figured, it's a new thing for me to do, because the last time I remember ever going to a circus is when I was still 5 or 6 years old, with my parents, I have barely remembered any of it. So what the hell. "I'm going to the circus!"

But then, my other childhood friends, Michael and Willy, they were (being an ass) backing out of seeing this whole circus for going to karaoke with a girl named Lina.

I was like disappointed, not only because two of our gangs backed out, but also because I've been wanting to go to karaoke since like, ever, and then I couldn't go with them since I've promised Riwan and Darta and Cia Cia and the other.

But to cut the long complicated story, we ended up going to Karaoke all together. It was mostly because Cia Cia said that the Rp.60000,-/person ticket was just not worth the show. So we organized to meet and gather in K2, the one place to sing at Mutatuli. It was a long process since everyone had their own problems, and the usual "rubber-time" style of Medan people didn't help much either.

But in the end, we managed to settle ourselves at K2 at seven o'clock, that's when the party started.

I Met Lina, Yen Yen and Yenni for the first time and they all seemed very nice and joyful. IMO, Lina was a person of know-it-all. She's like the Hermione of Melodies. She knows A LOT of songs (probably almost as many as I do ^^) and she was so much fun to talk to. Yen Yen was the quieter girl, but she was ready to sing as much as I did. I knew because we dueted for like three songs, including Linkin' Park's "In The End"! Hah! And Yenni was like a big smile. She and Cia Cia were like the engines of the night, laughing and singing.

The whole group was a blast of fun. When the chorus of Ronan Keating's "When You Say Nothing At All" was playing, despite there are only two microphones, the nine of us were singing the damn song together!

After singing for three straight hours, having my voice all dried out three times, after singing songs from Mandarin's Andy Lau music to Kong Hu's "Hau Sin Fen Shou", to Indonesian's "Teman Tapi Mesra", to Hokkienese "Sui Ca Bo", and to Western "All Rise" and "When You Believe", we, heavy-heartedly, eventually, called it a night, but not before we took a few pictures together and close it with a danceful "Let's dance Together".


Click to enlarge, though I'd rather you don't, because the second picture had my face all ugly and distorted. HoHo


All that I knew, at the times I was really enjoying myself, I said to myself, "So this is what it feels like to beat down loneliness, kick its ass and kiss it goodbye."


Cause I don't want to be lonely no more
I don't want to feel empty no more
Only you could unbreak this heartache I've carried around
Don't wanna be lonely no more, no more

(Clay Aiken - Lonely No More)

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