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Monday, February 25, 2008

No Backstreet Boys - I'm Inconsolable

Sometimes, when you watch too much Will and Grace, you start to become so sensitive that anybody can think you're as gay as the day is long. So, pardon me for being a little gay tonight.

I am sad right now.


Tonight, even now, my greatest boy band in the world, the group who has sold over 100 million albums worldwide, the World's biggest money-maker ($533.1 million dated 2005), and the best singing-friend I have in years since I was just a little kid, The Backstreet Boys is in Jakarta right now, performing on real live Concert in the Plenary Hall of Jakarta Convention Center, and I am here on this stupid Medan, teaching some stupid ungrateful lots, doing some stupid useless things, and I CAN'T WATCH THEM!!!!!


What a life I have.

When it's a once in a lifetime moment that Backstreet Boys would come to Indonesia, and all I can do here is sitting and teaching til I smoke my ass off, when somewhere near over there, BACKSTREET BOYS is performing my favourite songs like "Any Other Way", "Siberia", "Incomplete", "Treat Me Right", "Unmistakable", "The Call", "Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon", "I'll Never Break Your Heart", "I Want It That Way", "Quit Playing Games", "Shape Of My Heart", "Get Down", "Backstreet's Back (Everybody)"....


I think I just really really really hope that they make the DVD so I can watch it later. I'd really like that.

The tickets varies from Rp.600.000,- to Rp.1.500.000,- but Hell, I will pay more just to have one hour of them. I think of people who are enjoying them right now... Lucky Bastard!


I think it's only fair that a normal breezy person like me don't get the fun in life. It's like the story of my life. I've got used to it. I hate it. Very damn much.

I'm teaching my students alot these days because they are having examinations again. It's like a never ending misery. I just wish for something great in my life. A new hope.


I have a lot of things in mind to blog about, but recently, as I sat in front of this computer, I just blanked out. I don't know. I think loneliness has got me again.

I will post my thoughts eventually, just wait. (soliloquizing)

But now, I am just sad.

I wish my life is different.


You know, I've known Backstreet Boys since I was just an elementary student. I never bummed to never really meet the guys because I knew they wouldn't come. But it hurts so much when they do come, and I can't meet them.






Must have been a great concert...


Thanks Alana for the BSB in Sydney pictures.



I'm sad.

It's like Howie said :

"Everything's changed...
.... we never knew."


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